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“This book is so on-time!  In the days in which we are living we will either find ourselves vulnerable today, or vulnerable tomorrow.  When we do, may we all seek God’s Word over Man’s Wisdom (internet and any other device that man seeks to create).  God’s Word has every answer to life’s questions.  When you are forced to make a decision between Man’s Wisdom or God’s Word, I do hope this book will reinforce your decision to choose God’s Word.”

— Jackie Carpenter
Author – Executive Producer
A Cry for Justice

“I’m confident this book and story will be a HUGE HIT — because it’s true, it’s scary, and it’s superbly written!  It’s nearly impossible to stop reading once you start!”
 — Millie Samuelson
Retired Professor and Author (Women of the Last Supper, Hungry River, and Dragon Wall)

“Are you ready for the best suspense book you have ever read?  August Moore is either incredibly naïve, really stupid, OR he has the best imagination of anyone I have ever known.  That is what I was thinking when I started reading this book.  He was lonely but looking for love in the wrong place: the internet.  After reading Extreme Cruelty I laid awake for several nights not knowing what to think about it.  I just could not wrap my head around all the events that took place and I sure can't get over the fact that someone could be ‘fooled’ so easily.  I was so incredulous of this story that I even did research and found out that everything was for real, which just makes the story that much more incredible.  When I was done with this book I felt so sad and devastated on behalf of the author.  The first chapter grabbed a hold of me and I couldn't stop reading until I reached the last word.  I laughed, I cried, I laughed, and cried some more.  Extreme Cruelty has affected me like no other book ever has.  The emotions that came though as I was reading each page was like no other book.  I truly hurt for this man.  What I would give to put my arms around him and let him know not all people are mean, cruel and crazy.  This book is a 5 star book two times over, but it left me hanging by my fingernails at the end of a cliff at the end.  It is absolutely killing me to find out what happens next.  Can August forgive the person who did these awful things to him?  What happens next?  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book!”

  — The Mary Reader
 Blog Review

 “I’ve been put through the wringer with tears, then laughter, and back to tears. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion.  I literally cried out loud for justice!  I applaud August for the courage it took to put in writing his fascinating, frustrating, and sometimes terrifying story.  It’s one of those cases of fact being 
stranger than fiction.”
 — Beverly Beckon
Legal Assistant

“August bravely exposes his story to increase awareness and hopefully prevent other would-be victims. The shame is not his but the evil people who perpetrated it. Forgiveness is giving up your right to revenge by calling a crime a crime, recognizing abuse for what it is, and doing something about it.”

 — Helka E. Silventoinen
Licensed Couple and Sexual Therapist
Author (Irti Päästä)

“This intimate account of betrayal reads like a mystery thriller as the author vividly describes the web of lies and deceit he endured, in what became his real life battle.  A powerful story of the lengths even the most unexpected victims will go in order to overcome loneliness.”

 — Sandra Townsend
Retired Command Sergeant Major of the US Army Medical Command

“As a former federal prosecutor who prosecuted fraud and as a current Associate Professor of Law, I can attest that August represents more victims than society cares to acknowledge. The common characteristic of every huckster is their willingness, indeed eagerness, to exploit the good in others. And the internet provides them with a perfect tool—a means to engage emotionally, intimately, without ever exposing their true identity.”

— Kevin Cieply
Colonel (Retired), U.S. Army JAG Corp
Assoc. Dean for Academic Affairs
Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School

“Extreme Cruelty II is a cautionary tale that everyone who interacts with others on social media should read and then read again. August details in frightening detail just how easily it is to be deceived and taken advantage of by predators posing as ‘normal’ people thru social media. A riveting and suspenseful story that is truly stranger than fiction!”

— Marlayne Giron
The Victor
Make a Wish

“If the idea of ‘Catfish’ prowling the internet has never scared you, be assured it will terrify you after you read this shocking account. I have always believed I was a bit too savvy to be taken in but August’s rendition of Cheyenne’s intricate and manipulative conduct has convinced me we all choose to see what we want to see. While the internet is an amazing research tool it can ferry dangerous parasites into your home and life. This is well-written, a gripping and unbelievable story and I will never look at my emails in quite the same way.”
 — Bev Vines-Haines
Author, ICE CHIP® Queen and Shark Tank® success

I grew more and more interested in the story with every turn of the page. This is such a heart-wrenching story. I found myself experiencing feelings of sadness, anger, disbelief and compassion all on the same page. Some people are just pure evil. August Moore's detailed account of the cruelty he suffered is a wakeup call to those of us naive to believe it can’t happen to intelligent, successful, professionals like us.
 — Captain Kellie Meister
RN, MSN-FN, US Army Nurse Corps

I found August's story of loneliness, love and deceit impossible to put down. As other reviewers have said, you will laugh, cry, shake your head in disbelief, but August's desire for love and a family will keep you rooting for him throughout his journey. It's hard to imagine these events are real and harder still to imagine the mind behind the extreme cruelty... but the warning is clear - this could happen to any one of us. Kudos to August for having the courage to tell his story. A great read!
 — Kay Dickinson
“Chinese Connection” Alumni

 “Addicted to the love story, the “best friend” the turn of events. I could NOT put this book down! A BIG congratulations to my dear friend on finishing this book and a humbled thank you for sharing this unbelievable life story with world. Can’t wait for book two!”

 — Liela Carr

“What an amazing, incredible, and bizarre story.  I don’t think even Stephen King could create something this well crafted, and this story is true!  Thanks for a fantastic read.”
— Tommy Martin

“I got my copy in the mail yesterday and stayed up into the wee hours reading it.  OH MY GOD!  I could not put it down.  Hurry up with part two. I have got to know how this played out!”
— Ben Abbott

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