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About August Moore

August Moore was born under a different name, during an age of innocence and trust, before the dark hour of reason grew… before Extreme Cruelty changed everything.

As an air force brat, August traveled extensively during his childhood, including Japan and the Republic of China (Taiwan), where his father met and married a beautiful Chinese woman. Growing up in Taiwan with an integrated family was a mixed blessing of sorts. The family dynamics were challenging to say the least. However, the people and culture of Taiwan as a whole was a fascinating experience. Before long, August was speaking just enough mandarin to be misunderstood, struggling with their tonal language, but beginning to feel more Chinese than American on the inside. He didn’t realize it at the time, but he had become a Third Culture kid.

The only English speaking school in the area was a private missionary school, supported by a variety of mission groups. The students were a mixture of missionary, U.S. military, U.S. Defense contractors, and international business students. In addition, there was also a small contingent of Norwegian and Finnish students, who were among the most angelic-looking people August had ever seen. The school was a true melting pot of the world, exposing August to a multitude of cultures. Many are still close friends. August playfully refers to them as the Chinese Connection, fondly remembering Bruce Lee and all the Chinese Kung Fu movies he enjoyed watching in the local theaters, crowded with smoking, betel nut chewing locals who loudly cheered on their heroes.

Just as his father had, August joined the military service at age eighteen. Returning to the U.S. after living overseas for nearly ten years straight was awkward. He felt like a foreigner in his own country. Home was on the other side of the planet. However, August excelled in the service, rising through the ranks fairly quickly. He enjoyed a wide variety of assignments, especially Germany and Korea. The gruesome sights he experienced growing up in Taiwan prepared him what he would encounter during the Gulf War, among other conflicts.

August eventually reaches the top enlisted rank, matching that of his father. Unfortunately, his father was too ill with cancer to attend the final promotion ceremony. In addition, military life is difficult on families. Divorce rates are high, and August suffered the same fate. After serving nearly three decades, he decided it was time to retire. Divorced and lonely, August eventually goes in search of love, only to encounter Extreme Cruelty.

August has conducted multiple presentations on a variety of topics to large numbers of individuals at conferences, meetings, and private organizations during his many military assignments and since retiring from the service. He enjoys traveling and meeting new people… as long as there is a great Chinese restaurant nearby.

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