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This story is true. I debated long and hard whether to share it publicly.  My Extreme Cruelty journey led me from the highs of a wonderful job with significant leadership responsibilities, respect, confidence, trust, and moderate wealth to the lows of unemployment, multiple deaths, isolation, depression, financial ruin, and utter humiliation.  Did I really want to share this with others?


August was just an ordinary man. After being raised on the island of Taiwan as an Air Force Brat with an integrated Chinese family, August enjoyed his own long and successful military career in the Army. Living life on the straight and narrow, August thought he had everything together — until he found himself divorced, lonely, and wanting to explore the more "adventurous" side of life.

After becoming involved in an online relationship with Crystal and realizing she came as a "package deal" with her best friend Cheyenne, he received more adventure than he ever bargained for.

Blinded by new-found love, oblivious that all was not as it seemed, he was led down a path holding bizarre experiences and losses at nearly every turn. August eventually stumbles across a horrifying discovery, one that changed everything and caused others to question his sanity...including the authorities. Outwitted and outmatched while fighting to discover and prove the truth, August realizes he has only just begun to understand the meaning of Extreme Cruelty

A true-crime story of love, deception, and redemption, Extreme Cruelty I serves as a warning that professional con artists are actively seeking to take advantage of those vulnerable and willing to compromise for the sake of love. Book I details how August falls into this elaborate con and the loss he experiences as a result.  His story is real... and it could also happen to you.

This story is based on actual events.

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